"The Brush All Others Wish They Were"
Wholesale and Retail Availability:
Engineering Sciences & Technology Inc. has a different pricing structure for businesses interested in offering our products through retail outlets. Bulk pricing can be made available based on quantity. Our terms are flexable and we will gladly discuss requirements that fit your business.

We sell to businesses in quantities of dozens. Cost per brush for a dozen is $11.00 plus shipping. Connect to our store, create a commercial account and you will have visability to business product pricing.
Testing Results:
This is what one commercially available brush looked like after one summer. Click the image above to see how well other brushes have faired with normal usage.
"This brush is the real deal. Wish I had bought one sooner"
George - Phoenix Az.

"I bought one for for the backyard and bought two more for my restaurant. This brush rocks"
TonyP - Dallas Texas.

"If there was an 8th day, this brush would have been created"
Chris - St. Louis Mo.

"We have BIG grills in Texas. Now we have the matching brush for cleaning these monsters"
Alex - San Antonio Tx.
We have tested this brush against regular backyard, commercial kitchen, and industrial quality grills. Value we have realized is longevity and added safety this brush brings to the person using it. The extra long bristles combined with an almost indesructible scraping edge, and the extended handle make this brush an outstanding choice for the novice through the professional.

This brush is NOT to be used on grills with coated surfaces and will destroy any non-metalic surface !!!!!
Contacting Us:
Engineering Sciences & Technology Inc. is available via phone or email to discuss anything about our product.

Contact details are as follows:

                    Phone:  310.327.0443
                 Toll-Free:  877.327.0443
                Yahoo IM:  cookinwitgus
                      Email:  sales@esntech.com
Argentine Grill Compatible !!!!!!!
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