"The Brush All Others Wish They Were"
This brush is NOT to be used on coated, non-stick surfaces. Our brush will completely remove these coatings and we will not be liable due to product misuse. Using this brush on coated, non-stick surfaces is not recommended and will result in the removal of the non-stick surface.
Non-stick pans are cooking pans made from or coated with materials designed to prevent food from sticking to their surface during the cooking process. Most non-stick pans are made using polytetrafluoroethylene (e.g. DuPont's Teflon) coating although newer materials are also used.

Silicone modifications meet the specifications imposed on cookware coatings, such as non-stick properties, ease of cleaning, resistance to scratches and abrasion at service temperatures. The coatings look much better for longer as a result.

Over many years, SILRES © silicone resins have proved to be outstanding binders for heat-resistant paints. They enhance organic binders and make them more heat-proof. This resistance stems from the inorganic polysiloxane backbone of alternating silicon and oxygen atoms. This is a perfect matrix for combining pigments and fillers with each other and the substrate.

This is what one commercially available brush looked like after one summer. Click the image above to see how well other brushes have faired with normal usage.
"This brush is the real deal. Wish I had bought one sooner"
George - Phoenix Az.

"I bought one for for the backyard and bought two more for my restaurant. This brush rocks"
TonyP - Dallas Texas.

"If there was an 8th day, this brush would have been created"
Chris - St. Louis Mo.

"We have BIG grills in Texas. Now we have the matching brush for cleaning these monsters"
Alex - San Antonio Tx.
Argentine Grill Compatible !!!!!!!
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