"The Brush All Others Wish They Were"
Done grilling? Use the leather strap to hang your brush. The strap is leather with a perfectly tied square knot. This strap is pretty tough like the rest of the brush, will last a long time, and more than adequate to support the weight of the brush.
Bristles for this brush are one (1) inch long. On the surface, that may not seem like a big deal but contrast that against the thickness of all other brushes. We measured other brushes and none come even close. These steel bristles go down deep and have the strength to cut through anything it comes in contact with. We have never met gfrease this brush did not like.
The Handle:
We built this brush with a 36 inch long, one inch diameter wooden handle. The first time you use this brush it will be evident you have something different. With this brush, you can stand back from the heat and with a firm grip, whisk away any baked on dirt, grease, etc. and there is no heat transfer
Steel Scraper Head:
Need to remove tough, baked on grease? Here you go. This scraper is hard and it is sharp. Turn this over and go to work. This head will remove paint making grease no match for the job.

This is what one commercially available brush looked like after one summer. Click the image above to see how well other brushes have faired with normal usage.
"This brush is the real deal. Wish I had bought one sooner"
George - Phoenix Az.

"I bought one for for the backyard and bought two more for my restaurant. This brush rocks"
TonyP - Dallas Texas.

"If there was an 8th day, this brush would have been created"
Chris - St. Louis Mo.
The Bristles:
Leather Hanging Strap:
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