"The Brush All Others Wish They Were"
The Main Priority

Ok, let's get to the point. Serious grillers have serious grills, and usually a sissy brush. Every brush we have seen in stores shares the same short bristled, short handled, and short lifespan. Not to mention feeling the heat from the grill because your hands are right there in the fire.

We took the bull by the horns and developed the best brush money can buy.  Grill cleaning has never been easier using this brush! Either, remove all residue from your grilling surface with the enlarged scraper blade, then finish brushing your grill completely clean, or brush clean the surface under heat. It's QUICK, EASY, and EFFECTIVE! For the finest grill brush and cooking accessories, choose TheLastBrush.

We have built The Last Brush you will ever want to buy. This is the brush all others wish they were.

Argentine Grill Compatible !!!!!